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I just want to thank you all for visiting my site. Have a kitty.

You know, I was pretty worried about starting up a website and blog. I’m not exactly the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to learning new technology. But guess what? I love it here. It kinda reminds me of all those pen pals I had when I was a teenager. I write letters, you write back, yadda yadda yadda…

cat laptopThe only difference is that now, I do all that stuff on my laptop.



So, it’s been two weeks and today we hit a milestone: 2500 unique visitors. I’m pretty happy about that.



Thank you for brightening my days. Thank you very much!





Cover Reveal: Sandi Layne, Eire’s Viking

At the end of Éire’s Captive Moon, many of my readers were still on


Well, in the second book in the Éire’s Viking trilogy, Agnarr is the hero.


Cover art by Megan Dooley, to be published by The Writer’s Coffee Shop


It’s been years since Agnarr met his wyrd on the Green Island. Years since he left Charis, his former trell and medicine woman, with her new husband in her new village. Even though he lost her, he cannot help but feel his destiny lies with her people of Éire, so he returns with his final raiding party. Once there, a chance encounter strikes him speechless and without his memory, alone in a foreign land.

He is taken to Aislinn, a physician who is serving in Bangor Monastery. Born in Ragor, the village Agnarr destroyed when she was a child, she is now the adopted daughter of Charis and Cowan, and has herself trained in healing. Drawn to her tall, blond patient in a way that she never has been to a man before, she is horrified and angry to find that he is the one responsible for the loss of her home.

These are turbulent times in Éire, and there are volatile tempers all around. Still, Agnarr Halvardson would stay on the island, wed, and sire sons to live in strength and plenty in his adopted home. He wants Aislinn to be his wife and the mother of his children, but she won’t marry without love. He worships Thor and Odin; she worships Jesu the Christ. Can two from such opposing backgrounds find happiness with one another? Might they even find a love that will change both their worlds?

This title will be available via NetGalley in October for reviewers, with a January, 2014 book release.

The first book of this trilogy, Éire’s Captive Moon, is available here:ECM small

Amazon Kindle, Paperback


Barnes and Noble


The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House


What’s your personality type?


infp kitty

I always knew I wasn’t your average child.

What do you know? I have a rare personality type: Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceptive, aka INFP. Apparently I’m an Idealist/Healer and I should be leading a church right now. Or a social movement.

Um. Excuse me while I discipline my children for rolling-all-over-the-floor laughing.

No, I won’t be starting up any weird cults soon. But it does totally explain my childhood addiction to masterminding games at recess with 10 or 20 kids where we were all superheroes. Yeah… there were no villains. Or they were invisible. Hey, nobody wants to be the bad guy!

Who knew that my daydreaming would pay off someday?

This post was supposed to be about risk-taking. But I figured that was part of personality typing, hence the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.

I’m not a fan of risk. Were I in charge of the family investments, we’d never ever make any money because I would only invest in ventures that are zero risk. Seriously. I can’t even listen to Hubbs talk about investing his income without having palpitations.

You will never find me jumping from an airplane. If I had to do one of those TV shows where they’ll give you a million dollars if you bungee jump off a bridge, my family would remain poor forever (and probably hate me for it). You know those pint-sized roller coasters for toddlers? When I was two, I went on one and my mother had to get the carnie to stop the ride, I was so terrified. All the other kids started to cry because they thought the ride was over. Yeah. That was… not a great day. And it pretty much set me for life against amusement park rides. Except for the time Hubbs, Painterjoy and Sunshine Girl talked me into going on a waterslide.

“It’s tame, Jess. Look, babies go on this!”

“Yeah, Mom, it’s really slow.”

“It is, Mom, seriously. You just float down the pipe in the little dingy, like it’s a Lazy River. You’re gonna love it!”

“Look, you won’t be alone: four people per raft. Perfect!”

Uh huh. So, after about 20 minutes of listening to them plead, I gave in. My wise, skeptical sons eyed me like I was nuts and opted to wait safely below. Lucky ducks.

Jess on waterslide croppedThe look on my face in this commemorative photo is not joy (unless you count the ecstasy of not having perished as joy). What my adorable family failed to take into account when adding me to the dingy is that they increased the weight in the raft by 30%. We whipped down that tube like a bat out of hell, my little girls taking great delight in the fact that we veered up the side of the walls on every curve.

Positively terrifying.

When we reached the bottom, Hubbs had to carry me off, shaking like Bugs Bunny did after encountering aliens. Hubbs set me down in a chair and presented me with a double vodka on the rocks. I drank it. It took me about 20 minutes to stop shaking.

Well, I found out that waterslides wouldn’t kill me. Would I go on one again?

Not on your life!

Knowing your personality type can help you (or your boss, parent, or romantic partner) understand your strengths. What would be a good job fit for you? How about romantic chemistry? What approach might help you parent your kids? Which employees should you pair for a project or team? You can take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Test at, for free.

Cat SupremeWhat were you like as a child? Would you have joined in my superhero game at recess? Please say yes.  🙂



Congratulations Sydney Logan on the First Anniversary of Lessons Learned

September 6 marks the one year anniversary of the release of Sydney Logan’s debut novel, Lessons Learned. To celebrate, Sydney is offering a fantastic giveaway! The Blurb:A young girl needs to spread her wings, but a young woman needs roots.

English teacher Sarah Bray never thought she’d return to Sycamore Falls, but a traumatic event at her inner-city school leaves her desperate for the sanctuary of home. By returning to her roots, an older and wiser Sarah hopes to deal with the demons of her present and confront the ghosts of her past.
She discovers a kindred spirit in Lucas Miller, a teacher from New York with demons of his own. As the newest faculty members at Sycamore High School, they quickly become friends – bonding through Lucas’s culture shock and their mutual desire to build new lives. When they open their wounded hearts to each other, their friendship effortlessly evolves into romance.

Their love is put to the test when Matt, the quarterback of the football team, shares his deepest secret with Sarah. When the conservative community finds out, Sarah and Lucas – along with the town of Sycamore Falls – are schooled in the lessons of acceptance, tolerance, and love.

Praise for Lessons Learned

“Lessons Learned is a book that isn’t easily forgotten. I urge you to give it a read. You won’t regret it. Also, did I mention it starts with a bang? Talk about the best prologue ever. -JM Darhower, author of Sempre
“I haven’t read a book in a long time that I can compare to my favorite author Nicholas Sparks. THIS book is that book.” – Becky, Book Blogger


To thank her readers for an amazing year, Sydney is celebrating with a giveaway! You can win a signed copy of Lessons Learned and a $25 Amazon or iTunes gift card! The Rafflecopter is below. 

Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, iTunes, or Blogger. We hereby release all names listed of any liability. Winner(s) will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway ends. Let me know if you have any questions or issues by contacting me: @SydneyALogan. – Good Luck!