Cover Reveal: Eire’s Devil King by Sandi Layne


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A Cover Reveal for

Éire’s Devil King

Book 3 of Éire’s Viking Trilogy

by Sandi Layne


Release Date: April 2 , 2015


A man of ability and ambition, Tuirgeis Erlingrson has nurtured the desire to carve a place of leadership for himself on the Green Island, Éire, that he has raided multiple times. After the death of his wife in Nordweg, he takes his surviving son to Éire. Having connections with his adopted brother, Cowan, and Agnarr, his former countryman, Tuirgeis feels he has the support he needs to make his claims strong.

Agnarr is torn. His promise to Aislinn to remain with her on Éire is still in force, and he resists Tuirgeis’s requests to join the conquering forces from Nordweg. He desires above all things to maintain a safe home for his wife and children in Dal Fíatach. Charis encourages Cowan to do the same, though this makes for tense moments between them.EDK-3D-Open-Book-2

After initial disastrous attempts to achieve his ambition, Tuirgeis comes to learn that there is more to claiming a kingship than merely overpowering the locals. Tuirgeis finds himself at odds with the very people he had hoped would reinforce him. In addition, he wants to establish his father-line. He has one son; he wants another to be born of Éire. Will the woman of his choice accept and support him?

At length, Agnarr and Aislinn—though she is heavy with child—sail with Cowan and Charis to join Tuirgeis as he battles over one final summer to attain the High Kingship of the island.

Tuirgeis knows he doesn’t have long to make his claims; the Danes are coming in greater numbers than before. As he wins men of Éire to his cause, he has to maintain the relationships he has already fostered with Agnarr and Cowan. Charis finds that her Otherworldly gifts are needed by a man she considers her enemy.



It was dark in the langhús, save for the glowing of the coals banked in the fire ring. Agnarr enjoyed his wife’s responsiveness to him, and when they made love, he never forgot to thank his new God for letting her live through the births of the children their bodies made together. Before the sun crept under the door and through the shutters over the new windows, they were smiling and silent and relishing the moments—he knew there would only be moments—before the children stirred in the bench-bed they shared.

Later, as their son and daughter began shifting restlessly prior to awakening, Agnarr sat up and blew out a breath. “Wife.”

“Yes, husband?” She joined him, finding his hand with hers in the shadowy enclosure of their private area.

EDK-3D-Paperback-1“We need to be ready. You need to be ready. You and the children.”

She sighed and shifted on the blankets so that she was looking directly at him. As was her habit, she continued to touch him with her fingers as she spoke. “I can fight. And you gave Dow a real knife at the Christ Mass.”

Discomfort tightened his stomach as he shook his head. “You need to be able to escape, just in case.” He knew far too well what would happen if someone found his attractive wife. Someone whom he didn’t know. Someone who would find her dark hair appealing and the tatú on her cheek mysterious and alluring. Someone who would want to take her as their leman, as he had once taken Charis.

Someone who might take his son as a slave.

Jaw tightening in anger, he shook his head again. Hard. “You know what can happen to you.” Her eyes were on his face, and he met their steady gaze. “And the children. You need to be able to get away. We should find a way to make you safe.”

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Award winning author of short Celtic fiction, Sandi Layne is the creator of the Éire’s Viking Trilogy, as well as works of contemporary Christian romance.

She began by self-publishing her novels in 2000, garnering a loyal group of readers whom she continues to appreciate to this day.

Married for more than twenty years to a fantastic man, she has two sons, no pets, and a plethora of imaginary friends. Her interests range from ancient civilizations to science fiction. With degrees in English and Ministry, she also claims Theology’s crimson Masters collar which she has been known to don on rare occasions.

If you drive by her window before dawn, it is likely she’ll have a light on for you. Or at the very least, she’ll be alert on twitter. She invites you to visit her online space at







New Release Review: The Prince by Sylvain Reynard

PrinceThe unveiling of a set of priceless illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence exposes Professor Gabriel Emerson and his beloved wife, Julianne, to a mysterious enemy.
Gabriel may have acquired the illustrations only a few years ago, but unbeknownst to him, they were stolen a century earlier from the ruler of Florence’s underworld.

Now one of the most dangerous beings in the city is determined to reclaim his prize and exact his revenge on the Emersons–but not before he uncovers something disturbing about Julianne…



My Review:

This is a great lead-in to the Florentine Series. Indeed, it’s an essential prequel with all the intrigue of a medieval court. It kept surprising me, especially with references to events in Gabriel’s Redemption that were mysterious and now make total sense.

Our protagonist is a mysterious, grieved being with a Machiavellian air and a conflicted soul. I’m not sure yet whether he will turn out to be the hero of the series or the villain. Very interesting character! I wanted to fix him. While some readers are apt to find him an attractive, romantic figure, I find him a bit too scary. But I’ll say he has romantic potential, should the right love interest surface.

The novella integrates Gabriel and Julianne from the Gabriel Series into the Florentine Trilogy. The next Florentine novel, The Raven, takes place 2 years after this prequel, which pleases me because I wouldn’t want the book timelines to run parallel with the Gabriel Series. This means we will get to see further into the Emersons’ futures.


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CLoRavenQuoteI suspect (and hope) that The Florentine Trilogy is going to be like the hybrid child of Underworld and National Treasure. And I get to read The Raven now. Yay!

Four point five stars to The Prince. This trilogy is going to be exciting!













​The Raven – Book One of The Florentine Series 2/3/15




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Excerpt: The Prince by Sylvain Reynard

PrinceExcerpt from THE PRINCE by Sylvain Reynard on sale 1/20/15

In the distance, the Prince could hear voices and muffled sounds.He approached silently, almost floating across the floor.Desperate groans and the rustling of fabric filled his ears, along with the twin sounds of rapidly beating hearts. He could smell their scents, the aromas heightened due to their sexual arousal.

He growled in reaction.

The corridor was shrouded in darkness but the Prince could see that the professor had his wife up against a window between two statues, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Her voice was breathy as she spoke, but the Prince tuned out her words, moving closer so he could catch a glimpse of her lovely face.

At the sight of it, flushed with passion, his old heart quickened and he felt the stirrings of arousal.

It was not his custom to observe rather than participate. But on this occasion, he decided to make an exception. Careful to remain in the darkness, he moved to the wall opposite the couple.

The woman squirmed in her lover’s arms, her high heels catching on his tuxedo jacket. Her fingers flew to his neck, undoing his bow tie and tossing it carelessly to the floor.

She unbuttoned his shirt, and her mouth moved to his chest, as murmurs of pleasure escaped his lips.

The Prince felt more than desire as he watched the woman’s eager movements. He caught a glimpse of her exquisite mouth and the toss of her long hair that would no doubt feel like silk between his fingers.

She lifted her head to smile at the man who held her close and he could see love in her eyes.

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​The Raven – Book One of The Florentine Series 2/3/15



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Cover Reveal: For Authentication Purposes by Amber L. Johnson


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A Cover Reveal


For Authentication Purposes

by Amber L. Johnson


Release Date: March 5 , 2015



Dawn Sims has made a name for herself writing romantic fiction online. When she’s pushed to try her hand at publishing, she thinks she has everything figured out. The only problem? She’s never been in a relationship, especially one that has led her to finding The Big O.

So much for writing what you know.

Warner Green has had Dawn in his sights since she walked into his class in seventh grade. She broke his teenage heart not once, but twice, so seeing her in his night class at the local community college was an unexpected surprise.

Accidentally reading her bad erotica on her laptop was a blessing from the Smut Gods themselves.

It’s clear she has no idea what she’s writing about, but Warner does. In fact, he knows so much that he’s willing to offer her his services. The deal is simple: teach the good girl from high school everything she needs to know to write from experience. If he gets to live out a fantasy or two that he’s been harboring for almost a decade, then there’s no harm in that either.

The lessons turn more heated, and Dawn begins to question where Warner has learned his skills, but he’s not ready to talk, until his past comes back to haunt him at the worst possible time.

It shouldn’t matter when it’s for authentication purposes only.

I reached across the table and ran my index finger across the soft skin of her wrist. “Let me feel you up a little like a sophomore who just got his license.”FAP-3D-Paperback-1

I loved it when she laughed because it wasn’t anything fake. Her entire body shook when she giggled, and when it was really funny there was no sound. Right now she was probably calling all the dogs in the alley.

“Yeah, okay. We can do that.” She smoothed out her hair when she’s collected herself, and I realized that I hadn’t noticed it before, but she didn’t wear ponytails anymore. It made me want to tug on the ends, fist it at the back of her neck.


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AuthPhotA true child of music, Amber’s parents surrounded her with the loudest beats they could find, molding her into a girl who found inspiration and meaning in lyrics and chords. Raised on John Hughes movies, Luck Dragons, and pirate ships, she dreamed of love and adventure. When Amber began to create her own world, she envisioned a place where Happy Ever Afters do exist. Since then, she has authored several romance novels, all of which focus on songs and the way they can touch people’s lives. Music may not be able to fix a broken heart, but it can provide one hell of a soundtrack for healing.


A full-time wife and mother with a full-time job, Amber finds her muse in everyday life and the people who bring her inspiration.




Blog Blast and Review: Work of Art II (The Unveiling) by Ruth Clampett


WOA 2 Cover



synopsis blue


Famed artist, Maxfield Caswell is missing.
Three of his major paintings have been savagely defaced and his house left in ruins. As his friends search for him, does his muse, Ava, hold the key?
Before the hope of love is lost, secrets will be told, spirits will be broken, and a price will be paid.
From the cave dwellings of New Mexico to the shores of Malibu, Max and Ava’s journey tests them to their limits. As they render passion and pain in broad strokes, will their all-consuming love rise from the debris?
Exceprt blue

On the way to my car, he stops me. “Ava, I need to say something.”
He pauses on the walkway, looks down and kicks a pebble toward
the lawn.
“I know that as much I’d like to…I can’t ask you not to see
What? I glance up at him with my head tipped to the side.
He’s twisting his hands together as I wait for him to continue. He
finally looks me square in the eyes.
“…But, will you do me a favor? Don’t fall in love with him.”
I arch my brow. “Did you really just ask me that?” Should I tell him
there’s little to no chance of my falling in love with Jonathan now?
He gets a devilish look in his eyes as he holds up his hands in surrender.
“I know, I know…I just don’t want you to get involved with
him on the rebound.”
I put my hands on my hips and arch my brow. “Max, to be on the
rebound you have to have been in a relationship to rebound from.”
He seems to ignore my logic. “Besides, Ava, you could still be really
attracted to me and not know it.”
“Really? I don’t think my attraction to you is in question.”
“Yeah, what if you’re secretly falling in love with me?”
I playfully push him on the shoulder. “You wish!” I tease.
“There’s only one way to know for sure. Don’t you think you should
know before you go out with Jonathan again?”
“One way to know for sure?”
“Yes. Kiss me. I promise I won’t touch you—look, hands free!” He
tucks his hands into his back pockets.
My mouth falls open as I press my thighs together. Just the idea of
being kissed again by Max makes me instantly hot and bothered.
“Just one little kiss,” he says in a low voice.
I can’t believe he’s playing this game with me. But the fire in his eyes
and the sweet smile on his face are more than I can bear. I take a step
toward him. Two can play this game.
“So, if I feel nothing, we’ll agree to be friends—that’s it—no complications.
And I can friggin’ marry Jonathan if I so choose.”
He makes a sour face, but nods anyway.
I bite my lip as I look into his eyes. One kiss, one kiss…I close my
eyes as I edge closer until I can feel the heat shimmering from his skin.
“Oh, Ava,” he whispers, a deep longing in his voice.
His breath on my cheek undoes me, and when our lips meet, they
meld together as if they’d just kissed a moment earlier. We kiss languidly,
sensuously, our tongues meeting in an erotic dance. He gently
bites my bottom lip before I press my lips even harder against his. An
overwhelming current suddenly surges through me, practically knocking
me over.
Oh my God! I’m on fire. I run one of my hands along his shoulder
and behind his neck, pulling him closer, while winding my other hand
into his hair and tugging it passionately. Our bodies are pressed together
so tightly I feel as if I’m one with him.
He moans my name over and over as the kiss intensifies. I’m lost in
his sweet mouth, his lips turning me into a traitor to logic and reason.
When I finally pull away to gasp for air, he grins widely, and the
bright-eyed expression on his face is victorious. He gambled big and
Like there was ever a question—he owns me. He probably has all
along; it’s just taken me all this time to figure it out.
He studies me with a spark in his eyes, and he takes a sharp breath.
He takes his hands out of his pockets as if to grab me and never let me
go. My heart’s so full I can’t help but shine with a smile.
I remember we’re taking things slow, so without a word, I hurry to
my car before he can say something to draw me back into his arms. But
even as I flee the charged atmosphere and speed down PCH, I can feel
his joy follow me all the way home.

 Sigh. I really love these books. And the third one doesn’t come out until FEBRUARY. I want it YESTERDAY.

Rather like a bookish character in a novel, I’m inclined to take Book I (The Inspiration) and Book II (The Unveiling) up in my arms and cuddle them hard. And I’m a bit long in the tooth for that, just so you know.

At the end of the first book, we left Ava, who was somewhat hysterical, wondering where Max might have hie’d off to after his meltdown. And now, we’re plunged right into the mystery Ava must solve: where is Max? To discover that, she has to connect with his friends and family, and that is a fascinating process.

Max is an overwrought, broken-hearted man who is not in control of his life. A man who thinks the sun rises and sets on Ava. It scares her to death. Cue Jonathan, a.k.a. Mr. Smooth. Jonathan boasts that he could make Ava happy, but Ava’s eyes always turn to Max.

There are some characters in this book who seem to want nothing more than to see Max destroyed. Others have personal agendas that don’t support the welfare of their supposed friends. One moment in this book came as a complete shock and all I wanted to do was douse the offender in linseed oil, artists’ medium, maybe some paint, egg and turpentine and light the nasty piece of work on fire (not in a studio of course, out on a trash heap somewhere). Maybe take photos of the result, ya know. Hey, it would be great in a movie.

Kidding. Sorta.

As one might expect, the visual arts are beautifully incorporated into this book. I particularly enjoyed Max’s sketches and paintings of his muse, quotes from Ava’s ‘coffee table book’ about Max and his paintings, and the references to Georgia O’Keefe’s work and the O’Keefe Museum. Anybody with a liking for art is sure to enjoy The Unveiling.

Five stars from me. Now pretty please somebody give me the next book!


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Ruth ClampettRuth Clampett, daughter of legendary animation director, Bob Clampett, has spent a lifetime surrounded by art and animation. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, her careers have included graphic design, photography, VP of Design for WB Stores and teaching photography at UCLA. She now runs her own studio as the fine art publisher for Warner Bros. where she’s had the opportunity to know and work with many of the greatest artists in the world of animation and comics.

The Work of Art Trilogy is Ruth’s third publishing endeavor, following Animate Me and Mr. 365. She lives in Los Angeles and is heavily supervised by her teenage daughter, lovingly referred to as Snarky, who loves art and visiting museums as much as her mom.


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