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FYI, if you see promotional info, a review or an interview with an author on my site, I’ve either read the book and given it 4 to 5 stars, or I endorse this author’s work.  I don’t promote just anyone. I stand behind the quality of the authors I recommend. Please don’t just send me your ARC as I get a lot of them. Ask me first, and if I can fit your book into my schedule, I’ll gladly read it. I don’t share books that I rate 3 stars or less, but I will always give the author a constructive critique.


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  1. David Segerts says:

    In 1993 I was working on a mini series called “Hawkeye” filmed in Vancouver, BC. I am an aboriginal man who has and had been sober at that time for approximately 3 years when this happened. I was a stand-in and an special skills extra doing photo doubling amongst other things. It was a great experience but not once did I feel like I was ready to sell my self-respect or pride for anyone for fame or money. One early morning we were setting up a scene and I was doing my part as the stand-in, laying on a furniture blanket as they were setting up the cameras and the lighting around me. John L. Smith was the Line Producer on the show and he was and probably still is a stupid racist asshole, walked up to me, looked down at me on the blanket, he was drunk as he usually was, so he looked down at me and his exact words were as he laughed “ohh yea, isn’t that where all you Indians usually are?” meaning we were always lying down in some gutter. The whole set went silent and not one person knew what to say. They were in shock!! I laid there for about 3 seconds as all this sunk in, and realized what he had said and what it implied. I got up and walked to my vehicle and drove away. I never went back and a lot of the other natives on-set called me all kinds of names and even told me I should suck it up and get over it!!! Not a chance! I am a proud aboriginal man and not some bought out Indian. My name is David Segerts not sold out Indian with no pride or self-respect

    • Jess Molly says:

      Some people are just ignorant and horrible. I was very pleased when the actors walked off the set of the “Ridiculous Six.” There really ought to be laws against making movies that denigrate people and call it funny. Thank you for standing up for what is right and good. We need a lot more people to do that! And thanks for telling me your story.


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