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2016 EDITING SERVICES: Jess Molly Brown

  Jess red sweaterExperience:

 I began editing 25 years ago, and tutor high school, college and university students on an ongoing basis, particularly in the refinement of their short stories, academic essays and musical lyrics. I also privately tutored “English as a Second Language” students in English literacy for some years.

I began to write Comedy Romance, Adventure, and Historical Fiction seven years ago, and to beta edit and pre-read for hobby writers six years ago. I have been editing and pre-reading for professional authors for the past four years. I plan to release a couple of novels in 2016.

BooksMy preferred forms of work would be Raw Editing or Line Editing. I love Romance, Comedy, Satire, History, Biography, Memoir, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Erotica (excluding Polyamory, Lesbian and certain fetishes). I am well-versed in music history, music education, the visual arts, business, politics, child-rearing, elder care, cooking, Christianity and travel. I have moderate knowledge of medicine, psychology, legal issues, computer technology, accounting and marketing. If your manuscript falls outside my ken and is highly technical, I may not accept the job.

Please download and examine my contract: Editing contract template Jmb

If you send me a document before you use Spell Check, or if the content is not divided into sentences and paragraphs, or you have used hard returns instead of auto returns, or have spaced over indents instead of using tabs, or have not used quotation marks to highlight speech, it will be returned to you immediately, untouched, with an anguished plea: For the love of all that is holy, please fix this. Kindly eliminate these errors before sending your manuscript.




By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, I have a wicked sense of humour. But I’m dead serious about the next paragraph:



The Client acknowledges that I can choose (1) to refuse to enter into an agreement based on disclosed subject matter; or (2) to terminate a signed contract without providing a refund should the Author fail to disclose that the manuscript contains bestiality; graphic animal abuse; incest; child molestation of any kind; details which may be used to benefit terrorists; polyamory; orgies; Satanism; sexual conduct in persons less than 18 years of age; sexual murders; threats to, or defamation of, real persons; or graphic depictions of torture, sexual assault or rape.


Before entering into a contract with you, I will require your first three chapters to evaluate.

secretly-give-each-kid-a-spoonful-of-peanut-butter-and-tell-them-not-to-tell-the-others-works-better-than-duct-tape-15a64If you want your novel edited in the next three days, you’re going to pay more. Although I will need to work 14-hour days and lock my kids out of my office to meet your deadline, I will still love you.



The average length fiction novel edit takes approximately ten days to deliver. The average time required to edit non-fiction works is much greater, thus, it costs more and I will require a lengthier deadline to complete the work. For your own sake, please do not publicize any release dates or book any paid promotion until you have a finished copy of your work that pleases you. I have picked up several clients who were abandoned at the last minute by their editors and had to scramble to release a novel so they wouldn’t forfeit a contract and lose money.

If your manuscript is complicated, not easy to read, disorganized or confusing, it will take longer. If your manuscript is full of footnotes, figures and proper names that need checking, you will pay more.

I will send you a brief update of my progress daily.



I don’t believe in being coy about what I charge. I know what it’s like to be scared to query for editing. These are my usual rates for different kinds of editing. Note that a manuscript page is considered to be 250 words.



writerDevelopmental/Project Editing.

Also known as a Raw-to-Complete Edit.

Co-ordinating and editing a project from proposal or rough manuscript to final manuscript, incorporating input from authors, consultants, or reviewers. Does not include the following unless specified:

• budgeting

• hiring

• design supervision

• production co-ordination

Fiction and Memoir: $0.005US per word

Non-fiction: $0.01US per word



Boston Aug 2012 387Rewriting.

Also known as Ghostwriting.

Creating a new manuscript or parts of a manuscript on the basis of content and research supplied by Author. A subsequent edit by a different professional editor is advised but not included. Does not include the following unless specified:

• research • writing original material

It is beyond the ability of many individuals to pay for a ghostwriter as most of them charge $0.25- $0.75US per word. Unless you’re commissioned to write a university textbook, you’re not going to break even. I am interested in promoting knowledge and preserving personal stories. If you believe you have something important to say (particularly if you have a book intended for students, or to preserve history) please pitch your idea to me.

My rate for ghostwriting is $0.10 per word.

Please note that I am not interested in celebrity tell-all books or government conspiracy theories.



keep-calm-and-hire-an-editorSubstantive/Structural Editing.

Clarifying or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure. Does not include the following unless specified:

• research

• writing original material

• negotiating changes with Author

Note: Changes are to be made to the electronic manuscript using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word.

Fiction: $0.004US per word

Non-fiction: $0.005US per word



history-jokes-dark-agesStylistic Editing.

Also known as Line-by-Line Editing.

Clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language, and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing. Does not include the following unless specified:

• checking or correcting reading level

• creating or recasting tables or figures

• negotiating changes with Author

Note: Changes are to be made to the electronic manuscript using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word.

Fiction and Memoir: $0.00333US per word

Non-fiction: $0.004US per word



075Copy Editing.

Editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style; checking for consistency of mechanics and for internal consistency of facts; notifying Client of any unusual production requirements. Does not include the following:

• Canadianizing or Americanizing

• metrication

• providing or editing art manuscript

• providing or changing system of citations

• editing index

• writing or editing captions or credit lines

• writing running heads

• obtaining or listing permissions needed

• providing front matter (prelims), cover copy, or CIP data

• editing preface or foreword

• negotiating changes with Author

• seeking approvals from clients’ representatives



Changes are to be made to the electronic manuscript.

“Copy editing” is often loosely used to include stylistic and even structural editing, fact checking, and mark-up. It is not so used in this agreement. These other tasks must be specified.

My rate is $0.003US per word.



1e9f7d1cffc52e42424ebffb00c5cf04Fact Checking/Citation Checking/Reference Checking. Checking accuracy of facts and quotes by reference to original sources used by Author or to other reference sources.

My rate is $0.05 per word.




Producing a key to the contents of a work. Includes reading and analyzing the work; choosing subjects, concepts, and other elements that together form a systematic guide to the information contained in the work; arranging these elements into entries consisting of headings and subheadings and their locators (for example, page numbers); and arranging the entries alphabetically or in some other searchable order.

Note: The Client will provide a style sheet.

My rate is $5.00 per 250 words (one page).




Checking proofs of formatted, edited material for adherence to design and for minor, mechanical errors in copy (such as spelling mistakes or small deviations from style sheet). Does not include the following unless specified:

• incorporating or exercising discretion on Author’s alterations

• copyfitting

• checking page breaks

• inserting or checking page numbers to contents and page references

• checking accuracy of running heads and folios


Notes: The agreement should specify whether proofs are to be read in isolation or “to copy” and whether a style sheet will be provided. It should also specify whether proofs are first, second (or subsequent), or final pages.

The proofreading service is appropriate for print and print-on-demand books; if you’re producing an e-book, check your file for glitches instead. E-books don’t contain a lot of the pieces that a proofreader checks in print, such as page numbers and running heads.

“Proofreading” is often loosely used to include copy editing and other tasks. It is not so used in this agreement. These other tasks must be specified.

My rate is $0.002US per word.



Funny-Duct-Tape-Shirt-W630Curriculum Vitae:

Worried about your resume? Send it and I’ll make it shine.

If you need help constructing one, please download my list of questions, fill it in and send it to me:


The average resume should be two pages long. References should take another page, but you should only send references to an employer upon request.

Line Edit: $5US per page

Content Development and Construction: $7US per page

References: $5US per page



1393965_10151990694459113_934336880_nLog Line and Back Copy Package.

Also known as Blurbs.

Many authors find it difficult or frustrating to share what their book is about in a way that will hook readers. I will read your book and present you with three summaries:

• A Log Line of 25 words or less that you can use to verbally promote your book

• A 100 word Blurb to be used on promotional media

• A 75 word Blurb to be used on the back cover of the book


My rate is $20US for a Log Line and two Blurbs.


Jess cropped pic


If you would like to hire me, please send an email to Jess@jessmollybrownauthor.com or ping me on Facebook.



Best of luck with your project. I hope to hear from you soon!




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