Donna AlamDonna Alam, Author at http://donnaalam.com/

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Jess on several occasions, from fledgling scribbler to becoming the author of several works. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable and a great sounding board. Jess is a profound straight-shooter and all round good egg, and yes, I’d recommend her services.

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Sherri picSherri Hayes, Author at http://www.sherrihayesauthor.com/

When I asked some of my author friends for a recommendation on who could help me with my upcoming novel, Jess’ name was the first that came up. She’s known for being honest with her critiques and for wanting to help make the story as good as it can be. I’m looking forward to working with Jess again on future writing projects.

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Marinella Liz, Writer, Writing Mentor and Blogger at http://myreadinglounge.blogspot.ca/

I’ve had the opportunity to try Jess’ editing services many times. She’s accurate, she’s hardworking, she will give you constructive criticism. If you’re looking for a great editor, page Jess. Now!

Lindsey GrayLindsey Gray, Author at http://www.lindseygray.net/

For an author, writing the book is the easy part. Editing is where the hell begins. This is where you need a reliable support system in the form of an editor. I worked with Jess Molly Brown on my Contemporary Romance novel, Nerdy Girl Nation. Jess was not only professional and knowledgeable, but she was also interested in the ebb and flow of the story. The Line-by-Line edit she provided was precisely what I needed, an honest critique given in a polite and constructive manner. I will be working with her as long as my stories continue to fill my head and flow onto the page.

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Denisedenise Leora madre, Author at http://www.deniseleoramadre.com/

As a writer and editor, I often need an educated opinion of my work. Jess Molly Brown is that indispensable opinion for me. I have used her eagle eye of expertise on everything from a full-length novel to sensitive personal correspondence and am always beyond satisfied with the results. Jess has a divine gift for identifying areas of concern and shedding insightful light on how best to address them. She has the utmost respect for a writer’s unique voice and the ability to help you strengthen that voice during the revising and rewriting process. Most of all, Jess truly cares about your project and will unearth your writing’s best version of itself. So let Jess Molly Brown go to work for you: it is the best decision you can make for your writing. (But get in line because I was here first.)


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lissabryan_1347681060_600Lissa Bryan, Author at http://www.lissabryan.com/

Jess Molly Brown has been an editor for me on several works, and I am so glad I found her. As both a substantive editor and pre-reader, I’ve found that her eye for detail is excellent. She is great at keeping the story on track, and also catching small details the author might have missed. Jess is very pleasant to work with. I’d especially recommend her for newer authors who may be a bit nervous about the editing process, because Jess is always gentle and kind, the epitome of “constructive criticism.” A writer can walk away from an edit with her feeling excited about how they can improve their story. Her professionalism is impressive. Never once has she been late with an edit for me, and I’ve found her work to be thorough. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her in the future.


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