Mommageddon Series


Or… I could just do what Diana does: whine for grandchildren every day, tell my kid who to date, drop in without calling…

MOMS ON MISSIONS is coming May 30th. Look for some fun images here once it goes live. While you’re here, please take a tour around my site. Thanks so much for visiting Mommageddon. <3


MOMs teaser 1_underwear

Sign quoteVince breaks the kiss and they stare at each other a bit awkwardly. He licks his lip. “Fake Girlfriend?”

“Yeah, F-Fake Boyfriend?”

“Is your brother a mafioso?”MOMs Vince's high song


“Is he insane?”

She nods emphatically. “Definitely.”

“Are we friends again?”

Her eyes brighten and she smiles. “Absolutely.”


MOMs Teaser 2_tiramisu

“When we fake our PDA for the MOMs, do you ever get the idea that I’m not enjoying it?”

Her eyelashes flutter. “No.”Tiramisu quote

“But all you want is my friendship. Do I ever disrespect your boundaries? Ever give you the slightest idea that I’m trying to get up your skirt? That I don’t enjoy spending time with you?”

He looks like he wants to kiss me. “No.” Do I want him to kiss me?

“So, the question you should be asking is, how much information do you actually want?”


MOMs Teaser 3_booyah

“Get ready for the Italian Inquisition, dolcezza. We’re in major doo doo.”


Oil Paint quote


MOMs Teaser 4_fake


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